• 14 DEC 17
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    Frequently Asked Dental Implant Questions Answered

    Have you recently encountered tooth loss? It can be a challenging experience that not only affects your smile’s appearance, but hinders your dental function and self-confidence. To make matters worse, the tooth replacement options can seem endless. You may be wondering, “How do I know which one is best?” Rest assured, this is a completely

    • 07 DEC 17
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    Do You Have a Fear of the Dentist

    Do you postpone going to the dentist year after year? Does your heart rate increase at the thought of having your teeth cleaned? Do you have trouble sitting still for long periods of time? If any of these statements connect with you on a personal level, it is possible you are struggling from dental anxiety.

    • 16 NOV 17
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    Treat Yourself to a Brand-New Smile with Teeth Whitening

    Thanksgiving preparations are in full effects (it’s next Thursday, by the way), holiday decorations are making their way to the shopping malls, and you’ve even started buying gifts for the loved ones in your life. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… except it’s one more holiday photo that won’t make it out to

    • 08 NOV 17
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    5 Common Signs of Sleep Apnea

    Does your partner punch you in the middle of the night to stop you from snoring, only to eventually shove you out of the bed and onto the couch? Do you regularly wakeup with a headache and have difficulty functioning throughout the day without caffeine? Are you tired of feeling tired? If you answered yes

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