• 27 SEP 17
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    Why Smiles Matter

    Why Smiles Matter

    No One Should Have to Hide Their Smile It may start as surprise one day as you check your teeth for spinach after lunch. What is that spot on my tooth? I guess I need to brush extra hard tonight….wait! Is that a chip? When did that happen? Soon you have a blind spot when

    • 21 AUG 17
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    How Will Porcelain Veneers Drastically Alter My Smile?

    Many patients undergo multiple cosmetic dental procedures; yet never find the results they’re looking for. If you’re embarrassed of your smile and often find yourself hiding it away from others, porcelain veneers are the ideal procedure for you. A veneer can dramatically change the appearance of an unattractive tooth by covering the original shape and

    • 06 AUG 17
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    What’s Causing Your Toothache?

    If you’ve ever had an unexpected toothache, you know how devastating it can be. In a split second, your plans for the evening or weekend are ruined—and you can’t even enjoy your food without risking agony. Sometimes it’s as simple as flossing out a painful food particle that’s lodged in the gums—but most of the

    • 31 JUL 17
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    How We Repair Damaged, Worn Teeth

    Do you find yourself concealing your smile in pictures? Maybe you refrain from enjoying your favorite foods because eating causes discomfort. San Diego, CA dentist Dr. David Eshom repairs weak, fractured, or otherwise damaged teeth with dental bonding or all porcelain crowns. These procedures correct minor smile imperfections and return your teeth to their proper

Dr. David Eshom is a general dentist with twenty years of experience in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. He has perfected his technique so that he can provide you with quality dentistry, the best that modern dentistry has to offer.
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