What is Bioclear? Why would I consider doing Bioclear instead of bonding? What is the cost of Bioclear compared to other cosmetic dental solutions? Those are the questions I am going to answer in this section.

The Bioclear matrix system is the newest and best method to restrengthen front teeth without removing your tooth structure. The cost of performing the Bioclear matrix system is higher for the dentist and the patient. Unlike doing a bonding procedure, the dentist needs to invest in equipment and materials above and beyond what is normally inventoried in a dental office. This cost is substantial. The dentist also has to go to the Bioclear Learning Center to learn the methods and technique for placing Bioclear restorations. When you add up all that is invested by the dentist to place the minimally invasive, beautiful and strong Bioclear “works of art” it is well worth the investment and I thank Bioclear every day because I have this tool to solve my patient’s smile dilemmas.

Bioclear veneers with Gap closure
Bioclear Veneers

Bioclear costs to patients

There are different ways to evaluate the cost of Bioclear matrix restorations. You can compare it to the cost of a veneer or you can compare Bioclear to the cost of bonding. Let’s look at the cost of Bioclear and compare it to the cost of a veneer. A porcelain veneer can cost between $1000 and $2000 dollars. The patient not only pays the cost of the veneer procedure but the cost of loss of tooth structure. A Bioclear restortation with cost 25% to 50% of the cost of a porcelain veneer. That is substantial savings in money but when you consider also the cosmetic dentist will not have to damage your tooth by grinding away enamel that is required for a veneer- PATIENT SAVINGS IS SUBSTANTIAL. So a Bioclear restoration not only saves you money, it saves your priceless tooth structure.

Let’s compare the cost of Bioclear restorations to the typical bonded restorations. The placement of bonding is much simpler to a dentist than the Bioclear Matrix Method. Basically, with bonding, you prepare the area and “patty-cake” the layers of composite to the tooth hoping it is shaped right and doesn’t stain. With Bioclear, there is isolation of several teeth needed to follow protocol, the tooth surfces are decontaminated with a “micro blaster” to make sure there is no bacteria on the tooth surface to be treated, expensive patented clear forms are placed around the teeth and slightly under the gum, etching is done, surface agents are placed and the composite is ‘warm injection molded’ around all sides. These techniques insure the strength of the Bioclear restoration is near that of porcelain veneers because the warm molding placement adheres to your tooth in one piece which is called monolithic. When you see the difference in the techniques and added materials, you understand why Bioclear is more expensive than bonding. I would say Biolear cost 1-200 dollars more than bonding but is priceless in terms of longevity and esthetics.

Cost of Bioclear Materials

Bioclear is NOT bonding. To understand this, you need to know that a dentist has significant investment to perform this procedure for you in a quality manner. The cost of material include a special composite warming device, paste and flowable composite, patented clear matrixes that fit different teeth, surface and applications, isolation materials and specialized cleaning and placement instruments. These are not in most office so the practitioner must invest in these necessities to help their patients. The second significant investment is the actual education on how to use these wonderful pieces of technology to come out with the beautiful results you see on my site for Bioclear restorations. The bioclear learning center is in Tacoma, Washington and a dentist must travel there to get instruction. There are 3 sessions and each session is 3 days. So nine days away from their office, hotel expense and tuition expense amount to thousands of dollars spent to provide patients with Bioclear. All well worth it when you see how amazed my patients are when they see their results in one day of treatment.

So let’s summarize. Bioclear matrices and the Bioclear method is a minimally invasive, strong and natural looking restoration to enhance and strengthen worn, broken and unsightly teeth. It is NOT bonding even though they both use composite because Bioclear uses a specially designed clear matrices and warm injection molding technique that makes it monolithic and not layered. Monolithic means it is three times stronger than bonding and nearly as strong as porcelain veneers. Cost is 25-50% of veneers and about 25% more than conventional bonding. The great things Bioclear fixes for my patients are dark triangles, chipped or worn teeth and rejuvenation of the edges of front teeth. All is of this is without damaging your tooth structure. When you consider tooth structure is priceless, Bioclear is a provide at a great price.

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