Fix My Black Triangle Between My Teeth-
The Bioclear Matrix Solution

What is a Black Triangle?

You see it all the time. Someone smiles big and it looks like a piece of pepper is stuck between their teeth. You may have the dark triangle problem too. You may not smile big because you don’t want it to show this ugly condition. INSERT PIC This happens because of age, recession of the gums, crowded teeth that are straightened or even from cavities or gum disease. It doesn’t matter how it happens my patients just cry out, “Fix my dark triangle, please.”

Bioclear Veneers

How it was fixed before Bioclear and what were the problems?

Before we had Bioclear to fix the dark triangle problem, we would use bonding techniques to try to cover this embarrassing condition. We would use tooth colored material called composite and place in with a “patty-cake” technique which would solve the problem, but not for long. Because bonding depends on dry teeth to work, bonding near and under the gum was unreliable to fix dark triangles. Saliva and other liquids would contaminate the teeth before the dentist could place the composite. It would look ok for a couple of weeks and then a dark line would develop right where the tooth and gum come together. INSERT PIC In summary, bonding did not fix the dark triangle problem for long which often lead to solving the dark triangle with porcelain veneers.

Using porcelain veneers was often recommended to patients with dark triangles. Porcelain veneers would fix the problem but there would be another problem of cost and lost of tooth structure involved with this process. The veneers would look great but each tooth could cost $2000 each. That’s ok if you can afford it but even if you could afford it you lost big by damaging your tooth structure. Placing two porcelain veneers to fix a dark triangle removing 2-3mm of tooth structure between the teeth and 1mm on the front sides. You lose 25-35% of you tooth to fix the triangle with porcelain veneers.

The Bioclear Method- conservative fix of the dark triangle

The way Bioclear fixes dark triangles is unique because it solves all the problems that the other techniques failed to address. Bonding was not strong enough and stained. Bioclear is strong and doesn’t stain because it is not layer and is placed under ideal isolation. Porcelain veneers were strong and beautiful but required half your tooth to be damaged before it is placed. Bioclear is “additive” meaning it is added to your tooth in the dark triangle are to fix the problem. No tooth structure is damaged or removed in order to solve the problem.


Bioclear uses patented technology and materials in a totally unique way to conservatively fix dark triangles. Isolation is required unlike bonding and clear funnel shaped Bioclear matrices with warm injection molded composite to make a one piece monolithic restoration rivalling the porcelain veneer for strength. With doctor training the patient gets a beautiful, strong and minimally invasive (additive only) fix for dark triangles.

Bioclear fixes dark triangles by adding to your tooth and not subtracting/damaging your tooth. It is strong like porcelain but the cost is much lower. Bioclear can fix your triangle in one day unlike a veneer that requires 2 appointment 2 weeks apart. You get and instant fix at half the cost, half the time and all you tooth. Give us a call today for your Bioclear dark triangle consultation.

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