Book a Day at SeaWorld after You See Us

Seeking an adventure with sharks, penguins, and dolphins? All these and others are some experiences that are unique to SeaWorld. See incredible shows with playful dolphins, entertaining sea lions, and terrific killer whales. At the Explorer’s Reef, you can actually drive under the sea and touch a shark or a crab.

Located on the scenic Mission Bay, this beautiful park has all it takes for you to have a fun trip. From fresh California cuisine to roller coaster rides to water rides, this is a must-go place in San Diego for people of all ages. Have unforgettable fun moments here as you admire wild places and wild animals.

Best Mix of Rides in San Diego

Experience thrilling coasters, including the new Electric Eel. The multi-launch coaster features high-energy twists, inversions, and electrifying loops. This destination has the best kid-friendly family rides such as the Sea Dragon Drop and the Tentacle Twirl. From a restful gondola ride to a thrilling coaster, SeaWorld offers a great mix of rides.

Carry your cameras and ensure you PhotoKey for boundless access to digital photographs from SeaWorld’s well-liked locations and rides. Then keep your memorable moments to refer to in the future. To skip lines at their most popular attractions and save time, make sure you get Quick Queue.

Sesame Street Bay of Play

Get here to give your kids a treat of their favorite magical childhood friends that are Sesame Street residents. Sesame Street Bay of Play is full of family-friendly fun plus rides such as Elmo’s Flying Fish and Oscar’s Rocking Eel. Jungle gym fun exists in this area just for your little ones. Snap photos with your Sesame Street friends.

Treat Your Belly

SeaWorld San Diego is packed with great restaurants, impressive dining options, and affordable deals. Get an All Day Dining Deal and enjoy an entrée, a beverage, or a dessert each hour at all participating food points. Begin your day with flavorful Starbucks coffee and delicious bakery favorites. Simply put, there are boundless options.

A fan of pizza, salads, and sandwiches? At Mama Stella’s Pizza Kitchen, you can get all your favorites. Just ensure that you are fueled enough to handle a whole day at the recreational center. Also, pass by Fusion Smoothies to pick some delicious wraps and fresh fruit smoothies.

Animal Experiences

SeaWorld offers you a rare opportunity of meeting, touching, and feeding dolphins right in their habitats. The Dolphin Interaction is free for kids of ages 10-12. Go in small groups and interact with white beluga whales in the chilly Arctic waters. Play, feel, and touch these mammals freely.

Ever been curious about encountering killer whales? SeaWorld brings you closer to these majestic sea creatures through the Killer Whales Up-Close Tour. Unforgettable experience indeed. Get inspiration from the personal stories of SeaWorld’s behaviorists and how they give world-class attention and care to the whales.

See a Dentist before Heading to SeaWorld

Almost everyone experiences dental issues. In case you have any, visit office before heading a few miles to SeaWorld. We are located at the University Center Lane in San Diego city. Come for an appointment with Dr. David Eshom and get to SeaWorld with a smiling face.

Directions to SeaWorld

Get on I-5 S from University Center Ln
3 min (0.7 mi)

Continue on I-5 S. Take I-8 E to Sixth Ave. Take exit 2C from CA-163 S
10 min (11.0 mi)

Follow Sixth Ave to Balboa Dr
3 min (0.7 mi)

Balboa ParkGet on I-5 S from University Center Ln
3 min (0.7 mi)

Follow I-5 S to Sea World Dr/Tecolote Rd. Take exit 21 from I-5 S
7 min (7.1 mi)

Continue on Sea World Dr. Drive to Oceangate Way
4 min (1.8 mi)

You arrived at SeaWorld San Diego

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