A Brighter Smile for the Holidays with Teeth Whitening

The photos taken of you this holiday season will go down in history, on Facebook and in photo albums. Decades from now, your descendants and their friends will be able to see how you looked at Thanksgiving and Christmas, 2016. Here’s a question for you: will you be smiling in those photos? Will you look like the joyful, fun-loving, friendly person you are in your heart? Or will you hide your smile, and even hide from the camera, because you don’t like the way you look?

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Dingy, dark teeth can look unhealthy and aged. But time marches on, regardless of all of our efforts to stop the clock. Years of drinking tea, coffee, and wine, or eating rich sauces and gravies, even nutritious fresh berries, can leave teeth looking stained and less than attractive. If your pearly whites are look more like yellowed china, it’s time to consider professional-strength teeth whitening by cosmetic dentist Dr. David Eshom of San Diego, CA.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. Eshom offers four different types of potent, powerful, safe, and highly effective teeth whitening. He’ll help you determine which system is the best fit to remove your dental stains, while offering a convenient treatment that fits your busy schedule and lifestyle.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Best suited for: Mild to moderate extrinsic stains, ranging from yellow to brown to gray.

Treatment time:  Use provided trays and gel for one to two hours per day for seven to fourteen days, then retain the trays and purchase additional gel as needed for touch ups.

How it works: Prescription-strength bleaching gel, only available through a dentist, brightens teeth dramatically, up to eight shades, with one to two weeks of home-administered treatment. We will fabricate custom-fitted trays to hold the bleaching agent against your tooth enamel, while keeping saliva from entering the trays and diluting the gel. Line your trays with the gel, then wear them for one to two hours a day, in the evening, around the house, or while communing. The gel will lift deep set stains to give you a brighter, bolder smile that you’ll feel great sharing with the world. Learn more about at-home teeth whtiening here.

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Zoom! or Bright Smile In-Office Whitening

Best suited for: Mild, moderate, and deeper extrinsic stains.

Treatment time: One visit of about an hour and a half. Results can last for years.

How it works: Zoom! Whitening and Bright Smile are in-office, chairside whitening treatments perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the two-week treatment time of other topical bleaching systems. We apply a light-activated gel to teeth, then expose it to a safe, soft light. A chemical reaction occurs, lifting stains from deep within tooth enamel so that they can be rinsed away. Most patients notice results of up to ten shades with a single treatment. If you have upcoming family photos, a wedding, class reunion, or holiday party, and you’d like brighter teeth immediately, let’s discuss Zoom! or Bright Smile at your next visit. Learn more about in-office teeth whitening here. 

Deep Laser Teeth Bleaching

Best suited for: Any extrinsic stains.

Treatment time: Combines a few in-office treatments with a few weeks of home treatment. Retain the trays and purchase additional whitening gel to maintain the results indefinitely.

How it works: To erase years of very deep, dark stains that have tarnished your teeth and made you appear older than your years, deep laser teeth bleaching combines the most effective whitening treatments for optimal results. When stains don’t respond as well as you hoped to other bleaching systems, they may vanish after deep laser teeth bleaching. Even some tetracycline stains respond to this powerful whitening treatment. Learn more about deep laser teeth bleaching here.

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Permanent Whitening with Restorations

Best suited for: Stains that do not respond to chemical bleaching, such as tetracycline stains, fluorosis, and other intrinsic sources of dental discoloration.

Treatment time: Bonding, or composite veneers, take just one appointment and can last five to seven years. Porcelain veneers require two appointments and can last for 20 years.

How it works: Instead of applying a topical bleaching agent, bonding or veneers cover the front surface of permanently stained teeth, creating a smile that’s as white and sparkling as you want it to be. Dr. Eshom will help you select the perfect shade of white for your permanent whitening procedure, and the results will leave you smiling with confidence. Learn more about bonding here, and learn about porcelain veneers here.

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