Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in San Diego for Porcelain or Dental Veneers

Warning “Fake” Cosmetic Dentists Abound

It upsets me to see almost every dentist calling themselves a cosmetic dentist saying they do smile makeovers with little training, certifications and experience. Be aware that any dentist can call themselves cosmetic because there is no laws against it. I advise you do research before choosing a cosmetic dentist before accidentally choosing someone with no passion for the art and expertise to make your smile naturally beautiful. Rather than assume your dentist can do this intrigue work, go to someone like Dr. Eshom who has a credential in cosmetic dentistry from the most prestigious cosmetic dental academy in the world, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ( There are less than 300 worldwide credentialed like Dr. Eshom and we are located right here in San Diego California.

I see several second opinions consultations per month regarding “botched” cosmetic treatments with porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and dental implants.

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“Botched” Porcelain Veneers corrected by Dr. Eshom in San Diego

These patients tell me they trusted their dentists since they had been with them for years. Or they felt they were “cheating” by going to another dentist. Often these dental patients say they didn’t there was a difference until they saw the results of their mistake in the mirror after the final outcome. Dr. Eshom is happy to help correct the ‘botched” dental makeover but it costs the patient more time and more money than if they would have done research before ‘trusting’ their general dentist. Don’t pay twice and do your research.

Step 1: Browse cosmetic dental websites. Look at the before and after pictures of the cosmetic work done by the dentist. Are the pictures of porcelain veneers or crowns done by that dentist? It should say on the site. How many before and after cosmetic dental pictures do they have posted? There should be several because you should have your cosmetic makeover done by someone who does it all the time and therefore would have several outcomes of their own to show you. Do you like the after outcomes? If you don’t, go to next site because the pictures on the site are like the best the dentist could do, so you are not going to get any better.

Step 2: Once you choose a few possible dentists from their actual cosmetic dental work see if they are accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). This is the biggest cosmetic dental academy in the world and its members are passionate about quality cosmetic dentistry. The “Accredited” member are the best of the best because they have been tested by their peers by submitting several actual patient cases to expert cosmetic examiners who “nit pick” tiny details of each case type under magnification. Only the most determined, precise and artistic dentist pass this scrutiny and are credentialed as “Accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.”

Step 3: So you have refined your choice by now to cosmetic dentists that have several cases you like on their site and are credentialed by AACD. Now see if they are patient friendly. You have met doctors with no “bedside” manner so you need to check if the doctor is not only trained and talented, but has a dentist ‘chairside’ manner to match his/her credentials. Check Yelp and Google reviews. What are the patients saying after their treatment? Some well-trained dentists are egotistical and have trouble listening and/or handling complaints from unsatisfied patients. Reviews (Yelp/Google etc.) tell you satisfaction level of the dentist’s cosmetic treatments before, during and after your treatment.

Step 4: Set up a consultation. It should be free (our is) so that you can get to know the doctor you are putting your trust in. You need to look at this person as someone who will be changing your body part: your teeth and smile permanently and, hopefully, for the better. See how their phone is answered, the knowledge of team and how quickly you get in. You don’t want a dentist that is too booked because when questions come up, how are you ever going to see the doctor? When visiting the office, see how you feel about the surroundings and energy of the team. Are they happy and interested in you and your questions? Is the office clean and organized? When meeting the doctor, is she/he rushed and interested in your vision of a smile? Did you get all your questions answered, feel comfortable when leaving and get a written estimate? Visit a second choice and do the same thing. Now you can decide or go to a third. Feel free to do second consult with a possible doctor choice to answer. They should be available to do that at no charge too.

Step 5: Comparing the cost is an important last step. No one wants to pay too much for the same product or service. Cosmetic dentistry is not same product or service from office to office or even doctor to doctor. Hopefully, by now, you know not every dentist is a truly trained cosmetic dentist.  Get an estimate. (0ur can be done online)  Here at Dr. Eshom’s office, we may not be the cheapest dentist in San Diego, but we are not the most expensive either. We do the best cosmetic dentistry while not charging the the highest prices, therefore, we provide dental patients the best VALUE in cosmetic dentistry in San Diego.

Summary: You wouldn’t want your eye doctor to do your heart surgery. You would want a cardiac surgeon doing it. That is why you want a credential cosmetic dentist (not a general dentist) doing you smile enhancement. I urge you to do your research first and not become the disappointed patient permanently “scarred” by a fake and unattractive smile. Don’t give up. True cosmetic dentists can improve your appearance, give you a great smile and the self-esteem boost you will feel comfortable to walk up to any stranger and flash that great smile. Come see Dr. Eshom, your San Diego true cosmetic dentist. Check us out on Yelp and visit our website: You will see we meet all the above criteria and much more.

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