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If your dentist refers you to an oral surgeon during your regular checkup, some folks panic and instill fear and anxiety. An oral surgeon isn’t a true concern, despite your natural fears, so don’t worry. Being referred to an oral surgeon doesn’t needed mean you have a serious condition or severe illness. Here are some reasons you should be positive about your trip to a dental specialist.

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Oral surgery might not be a health procedure you think much about, but you might just find out that it’s essential to your health. Oral surgery is absolutely an integral part of restorative and general dentistry. This is because it gives many benefits to the patient and it should not be overlooked. Oral surgery can address many dental conditions that start small but, over time, become significant problems.

Many people are guilty of ignoring a seemingly small dental issue, just for it to worsen as time goes on. 90% of people grow wisdom teeth, that are a 3rd set of molars that start growing in early adulthood. Because wisdom teeth are positioned so far at the back of your jaw they could become impacted or tricky to clean effectively. You’re put at a higher risk of getting an infection in case you have an impacted tooth.

Those who certainly have lost teeth in the past often need to contend with further bone deterioration. If you are hoping to get a dental implant, you need to have enough bone in your jaw for the dentist to work with. If the bone that remains in your jaw is simply too fragile to hold an implant, don’t worry: you still have other options such as a bone graft procedures. The surgeon will find a portion of bone to use in the area of need.

Having them check for tooth infections is another favor you get to enjoy. Tooth decay is a main reason for infection, and it’s going to damage the tooth badly. If you leave the problem untreated, it is most likely going to spread to adjacent teeth, so use the best solution available and have the tooth extracted. The most efficient way to clean an infection completely is oral surgery, and tooth extraction is definitely an example of this.

The right dentist to manage your case is a significant factor to look at when it’s about oral surgery. It could seem overwhelming, but making sure you see the right dentist to treat your condition can have a big effect on your overall oral health. In the field of dentistry, there certainly are a wide range of specialties, which will actually help you in picking the right dentist with the proper accompanying knowledge and experience for your case.

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