Do You Need Crowns or Veneers?

When front teeth break or permanently discolor, you’ll probably feel less confident in your image. You’ll smile less, which will negatively affect the impression you make on others. If you don’t want to endure damaged, unattractive front teeth, you’ll need either porcelain crowns or veneers. Both restorations mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel and correct a range of flaws, including discoloration, chips, fractures, and wide spacing. Which option is best for you, though? Call  (858) 455-9151 and schedule a consult with San Diego cosmetic Dentist Dr. Eshom to find out!

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About Dental Crowns

Crowns can be made of metal, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal (PFM), or zirconia. The most esthetic options are all porcelain or zirconia crowns. Generally, porcelain crowns are ideal for front teeth, and zirconia is reserved for crowns in the back of the mouth, because it’s a more durable material. Crowns are indirect restorations created in a dental lab. They completely cover the white portion of a tooth that’s visible above the gum line and are permanently secured with dental cement.

To receive a crown, you’ll attend two visits. At the first, Dr. Eshom will prepare your teeth for crowns, take impressions, design your final crown, and send the plans to our dental lab. He’ll also fit you with temporary crowns that you’ll wear for a week or two, until the permanent versions arrive in our office. Your second visit will involve replacing the temporaries with the final, permanent dental crowns. With proper care, your crowns can last ten to fifteen years or longer.

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About Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers address chips, discoloration, and wide spacing. Like crowns, veneers are indirect restorations fabricated in a dental lab. However, veneers cover only the anterior surface of teeth, and they’re placed on the front teeth on the top or top and bottom arches. We do not use veneers on back teeth, and they are not appropriate for restoring fractured teeth.

To receive veneers, you’ll attend two visits. Much like the procedure for crowns, the first visit for veneers will involve preparing teeth and securing temporaries. At the second appointment, we will remove the temporaries and permanently secure the final veneers in place. With proper care and good oral health, veneers can last 20 years.

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Ideal Cases

While each patient’s case is different from the next, in most situations, porcelain veneers are the preferred restoration for front teeth with chips, discoloration, or wide spacing. Veneers can also correct slightly misaligned teeth. The primary advantage of veneers over crowns is their thin, streamline appearance. In contrast, crowns on front teeth can appear bulky and less natural looking.

Porcelain crowns are best suited to repair fractures, when a veneer is unable to offer the required structural support. PFM or zirconia crowns are also well suited for restoring molars. They offer full coverage and significant durability, which veneers cannot provide.

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Schedule Your Consult Today

If you need cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile, but you’re uncertain which procedures are best for your case, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Eshom now. He’ll take time to meet with you, learn about your expectations and goals, and examine your oral health. Then, with digital photographs and x-rays, he’ll present you with his findings and make recommendations for treatment. Answering all of your questions, Dr. Eshom will work with you to develop a treatment plan that’s both effective and practical. Call  (858) 455-9151 now to schedule.

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