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One of the most noticeable things about a person is their smile. When we are self-conscious about this noticeable feature it shows in our speech patterns, how we address others, and when and how much we smile. Ann came into La Jolla Cosmetic dentists, Dr. Eshom, for an evaluation for instant orthodontics. Instant orthodontics is a phrase used to describe a smile-makeover that addresses several crooked teeth at once without having to place traditional braces. Like many patients Ann wanted her teeth straight and color corrected. La Jolla cosmetic dentist, Dr. Eshom, laced porcelain dental veneers across Ann’s top teeth to correct the crooked teeth, giving Ann instant straight teeth without the discomfort of metal braces. Dr. Eshom and Ann chose to brighten the color of her dental porcelain veneers by choosing a final porcelain veneer shade brighter and whiter than her natural tooth color. Ann’s dental porcelain veneers created an even, straight, white smile that she no longer wanted to hide!

Cosmetic Dentist Tip: When deciding which route to choose for straightening crooked teeth or tooth gaps, think about how long the treatment will take and if it will interfere with everyday activities. As a professional, metal braces can be awkward and uncomfortable and invisalign, a great alternative to metal braces, still requires long treatment time and diligence to wearing the plastic retainers. Dental porcelain veneers are a great choice to get instant straight teeth and you can get your smile-makeover completed in two weeks.