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Kevin was a manager for a well known company. Co-workers had commented that his teeth looked older than he did, which didn’t match the image Kevin saw of himself. A patient of Dr. Eshom’s dental practice, Kevin scheduled an appointment for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Dr. Eshom recommended that Kevin do one-hour laser teeth whitening followed by at home tooth whitening trays, and six porcelain veneers to correct his front teeth gaps and spaces. An advantage of porcelain veneers over orthodontic procedures for correcting gaps and spaces is the reduced treatment time and absence of awkward, metal braces.

Cosmetic Dentist Tip: Sometimes your smile can get a much needed face-lift by simply addressing the dark stains and chipped edges. In the case of Kevin, his general dentistry reflected an older version of himself that didn’t match the youthfulness of how he felt. An advantage of porcelain dental veneers is a strong, permanent youth that radiates every time you smile.

Since the smile makeover, Kevin has been promoted and his smile let’s everyone know just how young he feels!