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Using an artist’s eye is important in cosmetic dentistry and especially for natural looking porcelain dental veneers. Knowing proportions of each tooth in the smile is vital to creating dental porcelain veneers that look like they are your own teeth. Also, seeing angles of teeth to the face, nose, eyes and the horizon is important so that the smile fits the face properly and doesn’t point in an unpleasant direction. In this case a beautiful young woman wanted a more pleasing smile that would match the rest of her already beautiful face, skin, hair and eyes. Her front teeth were disproportional to nature (her teeth were too long for their width) and pointed sideways from her eyes and the horizon (her teeth were angled or canted to her left). In order to create the pleasing smile you see, we not only had to change the proportion of her front teeth but the angle too. Only 4 porcelain dental veneers were placed to make the perfect smile for this patient. If a cosmetic dentist does not have the experience and artist’s eye he/she may have tried to do only 2 veneers that would look fake, leaving the teeth angled.

Dr. Eshom’s Dental Porcelain Veneer Smile Tip For Patients: For natural looking dental porcelain veneers make sure you have a cosmetic dentist that uses artistry and experience to veneer only the teeth that need treatment while making sure that proportions are correct in the final smile. Dr. Eshom makes his temporaries look just like the finals so that these proportions and angle are corrected before the final porcelain dental veneers are permanently bonded.

“Dr. Eshom and his staff have been superb for the 10 years I have been a patient. I can’t tell you how many people tell me I have ‘perfect’ teeth. I am so happy with the work I’ve had done. I have more confidence in my appearance and I am smiling all the time!” Madeline S.