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Steve, a cosmetic dentistry candidate and long-time patient of Dr. Eshom’s general dentistry, recently sought to change the look of his smile. With overall good oral health, Steve wanted to achieve greater dental aesthetics and correct the broken and uneven edges of his front teeth. Evaluating the structure and individual needs of Steve’s smile, San Diego cosmetic dentist Dr. Eshom recommended that Steve’s teeth be prepared for four porcelain dental veneers to be placed on the top portion of his teeth and six porcelain dental veneers to be placed on the bottom. To finish out his smile, Dr. Eshom recommended laser tooth whitening followed up with at home teeth whitening trays to match his brand new tooth porcelain veneers.

Steve’s first cosmetic dentistry appointment consisted of a thorough evaluation and discussion about the options available for renewing Steve’s smile. Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Eshom listed the benefits and advantages of dental porcelain veneers and talked to Steve about the cost of porcelain veneers. A shade for the color of Steve’s final porcelain veneers was chosen and sent to the cosmetic dental lab along with the impressions taken of his prepared teeth and temporary dental veneers. The temporary dental veneers are used as a guide for the cosmetic dental lab to use, in order to make sure your porcelain dental veneers turn out exactly how you want them. While the cosmetic dental lab was hand-crafting the dental porcelain veneers, Steve completed laser teeth whitening in office.

After his one-hour dentistry appointment, he was sent home with teeth whitening trays to maintain his new, white smile. A final shade of Steve’s white teeth, after teeth whitening, was sent over to the cosmetic dental lab for completion of the dental porcelain veneers. Steve’s final dental porcelain veneers were completed and temporarily placed for him to see his dental veneers before permanently cementing. Within two weeks, San Diego Cosmetic dentist had corrected the concerns Steve had for his healthy, but worn down smile. Most of the time, simple changes like teeth whitening or dental porcelain veneers, can produce huge results.