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When you walk into the office of Dr. David Eshom, you will feel like you are visiting a good friend’s home. Our friendly and professional team will welcome you to “our house.” Everyone here has customer service in their genes. From their smile to their voice you will find a helpful “never say no” attitude. If you’ve ever felt rushed at the dentist, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you choose us. Let our dental hospitality team take your health and smile to a new level.

From paraffin hand wax treatment to lavender infused warm neck wraps, you will feel like you are receiving spa treatments. You will have the option to use our headphones, watch television and enjoy our pillows and blankets to maximize your comfort. Every step of the way, Dr. Eshom and his team strive to make your trip with us as enjoyable as possible.

Upon meeting Dr. David Eshom, you will instantly feel like you are in the right place with the right dentist. Dr. Eshom listens, asks caring questions, and puts you at ease. He and our team never makes you feel guilty about past dental history. There is a “no guilt” policy, so feel comfortable knowing that we are just glad to know you are with us and will make your future dentistry be better and long lasting. We’re just honored that you are giving us the opportunity to be involved with your path to maintaining and improving your oral health.

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Unlike some other dentists, Dr. Eshom’s treatment philosophy prioritizes preserving tooth structure while strengthening teeth. His approach is very conservative and unique because he is one of the few dentists in the nation specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry techniques. As you watch the video below to virtually tour our office, consider contacting us to inquire about setting up your first visit with us today.

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