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Are you neglecting your patient’s health? I know you think your exams are thorough and you couldn’t possibly miss occlusal decay in your patients. You use magnifying loops and caries detecting solution and caries is the last thing that gets by you “CSI” eyes. Unless you are using the low cost laser technology of the DIAGNOdent (KavoUSA), your patients are being left with active caries in their mouths — all under your watchful eyes.

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If our patients had one wish, it would almost always be to have perfect aesthetic smile lines, contoured healthy gums, and rigorously aligned teeth. Unfortunately, many of them are plagued with excessive gum tissue and minimal biologic width, which has prevented many dentists from attempting to lengthen the crown, contour the gum tissue, and give the patient the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

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Dr. Eshom’s Clinical Challenge
Dr. Eshom noticed that many patients requiring bony crown lengthening were getting lost in what Dr. Eshom calls “the periodontal penalty box.” Because osseous crown lengthening procedures required a visit to the periodontist and 6-8 weeks of healing time, there was a risk that the patient would never complete their treatment plan.

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For a dentist, owning top-of-the-line equipment may be likened to a chef’s owning gourmet cookware. The right tools can make masters of their owners, but mediocre customer service limits revenue more than fallen soufflés or off-color veneers.

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