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Many patients seek an appointment with us for a dental second opinion consultation. Oftentimes, people are recommended dental treatment by dentists who don’t prioritize minimally invasive treatment and conserving priceless tooth structure. Before letting any dentist drill into your teeth while having any doubts, consider a second opinion. This is important when:

  • You want to save money
  • Lots of dental work was recommended
  • You’re not sure the work is necessary
  • You don’t trust your previous dental office

A dental Second Opinion by San Diego’s most respected dentist, Dr. David S Eshom, is only $49 and includes:

  • ½ hour one-on-one consultation with the doctor
  • Take up-close pictures of each tooth/area of concern
  • Evaluate x-rays of areas of concern (separate charge for taking x-rays)
  • Oral examination of teeth
  • Diagnosis with detailed explanation
  • Discussion of multiple personalized options
  • Pros/Cons of all options
  • Timelines important for your treatment choices
  • Written recommendation and exact estimates of each option

At your last dental visit were you SURPRISED BY recommend dental work that involved:

  • Expensive dental treatments
  • $2000+ in dental treatments
  • Numerous “new” cavities
  • Numerous “old” filling replacements
  • Expensive “deep cleanings” or root planing
  • “Sudden” gum disease
  • Needing a crown on a tooth that doesn’t even hurt
  • Just unsatisfied or “suspicious” of your dentist’s recommendations or qualifications

A dental Second Opinion by San Diego’s most respected dentist, Dr. David S Eshom, benefits you by:

  • Confirming or denying the dental diagnosis you were given
  • Offering less expensive dental options
  • Saving you money on potentially unnecessary dental treatments
  • Offering free dental treatments you can do yourself
  • Giving you the peace of mind in knowing you actually need the dental work you receive
  • Offering treatments that save tooth structure yet solve your dental problem

What our dental SECOND OPINION will do for you:

  • First and foremost, confidence in your choice of treatment
  • Give you the right information for you to make the right choice
  • Options available that meet your needs instead of the dentist’s
  • Know you are getting the right treatment at the right price
  • Save you money, time and most importantly your tooth structure

In summary, you will get the facts you need to make a decision without a “sales” pitch.

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