Dr. Eshom Interviews with the California Dental Association About the Bioclear Technique

Dr. David Eshom, a credentialed cosmetic dentist, was recently interviewed by the California Dental Association for his unique and exemplary work on the Bioclear method. In this interview, Dr. Eshom shares his experience about using the Bioclear method and how it has transformed his practice. Check out the interview below and contact the office today if you would like to schedule a consultation to talk about how Bioclear could be a great choice for you!

Why did you decide to take the Bioclear training?

I was doing Invisalign and patients were not completely happy at the end of treatment even though their teeth were straight. During orthodontic movement, dark triangles developed that bothered my patients and me. I decided to look at a conservative alternative to correct dark triangles on YouTube and came across Dave Clark and the Bioclear method. I then tried doing Bioclear by only seeing the YouTube videos. That didn’t work so I then understood that there are many details that need to be understood and that training was necessary to do the method correctly.

What has Bioclear done for your practice?

Not to seem dramatic, but it has TOTALLY changed the way I practice cosmetic dentistry. I am truly practicing minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry because of the Bioclear Method. It allows me to make huge smile improvements without removing any tooth structure in most cases. It is almost 100% additive, so tooth structure is preserved. I am speaking to more patients about this conservative technique because it is not only less costly and minimally invasive, but also strong and long lasting. Now, I do fewer porcelain veneers but do double the number of cases of Bioclear because it makes sense from a cost and tooth preservation standpoint. Lastly, and most importantly, it is the RIGHT thing to do for the patients for long-term preservation of our patients’ teeth. All doctors should have this procedure in their “tool box” to help their patients’ health and appearance in the most conservative way possible.

As an Accredited member of the AACD you obviously know a lot about cosmetic dentistry. Can you comment on the anterior esthetic solutions provided by the Bioclear Method? Do the products you use play into that, as well?

As a credentialed cosmetic dentist from AACD, I am very critical of any procedure that claims to be cosmetic. It not only needs to look natural, but it needs to last a long time. Cosmetic dental procedures in the past looked wonderful and lasted a long time, but they required what now is seen as large amounts of tooth removal to be replaced with porcelain veneers and were very expensive. Bioclear is a savior of tooth structure, is almost 100% additive, costs less than porcelain restorations, and is done in one day! It meets my esthetic criteria by matching tooth structure like a chameleon matches its environment. 3M Filtek blends into almost all situations by being just translucent enough but not too much to see through, so layering is needed for natural appearance. This saves the clinician the guess work and time needed to place layers in anterior bonded restorations. Heating the 3M Filtek Supreme paste and flowable makes it so easy to warm injection mold all restorations.

How does the Bioclear Method help dentists who want to practice minimally invasive techniques?

In the past, cosmetic dentists got a reputation of aggressive preparations all in the benefit of appearance. Due to the internet, patients now have seen what porcelain veneer preps look like and how much tooth structure is lost permanently. Patients rightly don’t want their tooth structure destroyed forever. More and more patients tell me they wanted veneers but don’t want their tooth taken away. Bioclear and 3M Filtek Supreme fits this request for minimum to no prep and good appearance and longevity at the same time. For dentists that consider tooth structure “priceless” (and all dentists should feel this way), Bioclear gives you a minimally invasive tool for your patients’ requests for a better smile without tooth destruction because, again, Bioclear is almost 100% additive.

Any comments on the 3M & Bioclear partnership?

Because I have taken all the training at the Bioclear learning center in Tacoma, I was able to see and understand the amazing properties of 3M products and Filtek Supreme. Dr. Konings was a great resource for clinical studies of longevity and polishability of 3M Filtek Supreme. I was able to use the material at the learning center and compare it to the product I used previously. Again, Filtek stood out because no layering was needed and it was still esthetically pleasing to my patients, me, and my team. 3M and Bioclear support each other well.

Has the use of 3M/Bioclear products allowed you to complete cases you otherwise wouldn’t have attempted, or the patient declined (i.e., black triangles, diastema closures)? If yes, is that new revenue for your practice?

I have tracked the revenue generate from cosmetic Bioclear procedures very carefully for the last year. Per new patient, revenue has averaged an increase of $1400. This is because with the conservativeness of the procedure, the patient always says yes. There is no tooth structure removed and the cost is less than the alternative, which is a porcelain veneer.

What about 3M products makes them uniquely suited to the Bioclear method (i.e., warming & injection molding)?

Heating and injection molding of 3M Filtek Supreme changes the way composite adheres and its resistance to staining. Because it is injection molded while heated, it allows the shrinkage or “c-factor” to work in our favor. The composite is basically vacuum formed to the tooth and it shrinks tight against the enamel and dentin surfaces. This “shrink wrap” of the restoration against the tooth makes its bond stronger than if it was “cold patty-caked” on to the tooth. Because it is injected in one piece, or “monolithic”, it does have seams like conventional bonding, which makes it much more stain-resistant. The exceptional polishability of 3M Filtek Supreme materials also makes staining almost impossible.

How do you talk/sell your patients on Bioclear? How do you use it to market your practice?

My unique selling proposition for my cosmetic practice is the fact that everything I do is minimally invasive. I try to do the least to the tooth to make my patients happy with their smile makeover. That’s why I have a great reputation in my community. I don’t want to take tooth structure away if I don’t have to. Bioclear is the exact method and product that makes me different from other cosmetic dentists. Other cosmetic dentists basically offer bonding or porcelain veneers to do smile design. We all know bonding is not strong enough and that porcelain veneers require large amount of tooth structure removal. My training at the Bioclear Training Center made me a unique cosmetic dentist in my community because I offer a superior solution to smile problems. This superior solution is using the Bioclear Method in cosmetic treatments so that zero tooth structure is removed while providing a beautiful smile at a low cost. It doesn’t get better for the patient, and it gives the dentist a great sense of fulfillment because he/she is conserving tooth structure that, in other offices, would be destroyed forever.

How has the Bioclear method changed your approach to direct composite dentistry?

In the past, I avoided direct composite because I didn’t trust their longevity and would have to continually repair or replace them. It would look bad when a solution like direct bonding didn’t last in my hands. That led me to “push” porcelain veneers because I knew they would last and look great. In the back of my mind though, I hated the look of the teeth prepped because of how much tooth structure was destroyed permanently in the name of appearance. Bioclear and 3M Filtek Supreme changed all that. Now I can do direct warm injection molding with the Bioclear method and feel good about saving tooth structure and the patients’ money, all while knowing my restorations will look great and last a long time.

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