Find Your Perfect Smile Again

smile makeoverDo you feel like your smile doesn’t look as nice as it used to?

If you had braces as a child, you probably remember that wonderful feeling when the braces came off and your smile looked absolutely perfect. You could smile with confidence and it felt great. Your severe overbite or crooked teeth were no longer something you felt ashamed of.

Unfortunately, for many patients, those teeth don’t always stay where we put them. In some cases, as soon as you stop wearing a retainer the teeth will begin shifting back to their natural imperfect state of alignment.

Over time, even perfect smiles can be diminished by misalignment, environmental factors, and years of hard usage. A small chip, crooked incisor, or black triangle at the gum line can make your smile look older and more worn than you would like.

As a general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Eshom specializes in helping his patients find their perfect smiles again. Whether you are looking for small subtle improvements, or life-altering transformation, Dr. Eshom can give you the smile you seek!

Why Choose Dr. Eshom?

A lot of dentists are excellent dentists, but their training in the techniques of cosmetic dentistry takes a back seat to general dentistry. Dr. Eshom has devoted his career to providing high quality cutting-edge dentistry and cosmetic work is now the primary focus of his practice. He is a member of the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and has even been elected to its advisory board. This is a prestigious honor and shows his serious devotion to the field. If there is a safe and effective technique available to make your smile look better, Dr. Eshom has likely mastered it!

Beyond the Basics

There are some basic cosmetic techniques you’ll find at every dental practice, but Dr. Eshom is a cosmetic dentist with a very big toolkit. In addition to the basic veneers, bonding, whitening, and Invisalign you find everywhere, we offer a number of special treatments that give you greater power to correct your smile:

  • Custom Tooth Matching
  • Veneers, Lumineers, and Bioclear
  • Dental Implants to Replace Lost Teeth
  • Laser Gum Correction
  • One-Day Whitening
  • Long Lasting Bonding

Signs You Are Ready for a Smile Makeover

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve started smiling with your mouth closed for pictures.
  • Your hand automatically comes up to cover your mouth when you laugh in public.
  • You’ve had a shock at some point in the past when you saw a photo of yourself (“is that really what my smile looks like now?”).
  • You now avoid looking at others’ pictures of you on social media.
  • You avoid smiling naturally when you meet new people

If you’ve felt this way, you deserve to love your smile again! When you’re not happy with your smile, this can have a slow but detrimental effect on your confidence. You may feel like the same bubbly and outgoing person, but over time you may become more inhibited, and less forthcoming with your smile. This can change how you interact with people, even your closest friends and family members.

Taking the time to invest in your smile is a great way to give your self a boost in both your personal and professional life. A smile makeover will help you take pride in your appearance again—all of your appearance.

No Risk Consultations

One of the best things about a smile makeover consultation with Dr. Eshom is that it is 100 percent free. Dr. Eshom will examine your teeth and listen to your concerns before telling you about the treatment options that may help you recover your ideal smile. You are not obligated to choose a treatment if you don’t want to. Dr. Eshom will explain the process and costs of all suggested treatments and let you decide whether you want to makeover your smile.

Call San Diego cosmetic dentist Dr. David Eshom today at (858) 455-9151 to schedule a free smile makeover consultation. We would love the chance to help you fall in love with your smile again.

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