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athomeEverybody loves a bright white smile, which is why at our dental office we offer all of our new patients free teeth whitening when they visit us for their first exam and become a patient. We want our patients to love their smile and this is our way of saying “thanks for becoming a part of our dental family.” Enjoy a brighter, whiter smile with teeth whitening treatments, compliments of your San Diego Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. David Eshom!

The free teeth whitening offer is for all new patients upon first dental visit and exam or treatment. Call our office for details.


Teeth Whitening is a Safe Way to Make Your Smile Dazzle Again

No one wants to hear their teeth described as anything less than pearly white. Unfortunately, extrinsic staining is a natural effect of eating a wide range of colorful foods and drinks. Sure, you could just avoid staining foods, but few of us want to give up our coffee, tea, or red wine, right? Teeth whitening treatments are a safe alternative to having an aged, tarnished-looking smile. As dental professionals, the health of your teeth and gums always comes first. We would not offer whitening treatments if we were not fully certain of their safety. If you’ve ever heard someone claim that whitening damages teeth enamel, they aren’t doing it right. When whitening treatments from your dentist are used as directed they do not damage your tooth enamel or make the teeth more vulnerable to damage.

How Teeth Whitening Works

When you eat and drink brightly colored foods and beverages, they leave pigment residue in the structure of your tooth enamel. Think of all the foods and drinks that can stain your white clothing, and you’ll get an idea of what they can do to your teeth! Over the years, stubborn pigment stains can layer on top of each other and create an overall effect of yellowing or greying.

Teeth whitening treatments work by bringing oxygen bubbles down into the matrix of your tooth enamel to break down pigments and remove stains. Some whitening treatments use only a whitening gel, while others use a special light or lasers to enhance their effectiveness and the speed at which they whiten. Store-bought whiteners use the same active ingredient as dentist-provided products (hydrogen peroxide), but they don’t pack the same punch.

Why Dentist-Provided Treatments Work Better

There are two issues with store-bought whitening products. The first is that they have lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, so they don’t work as quickly, if at all. The second issue is that they use a less effective method of delivering the gel that relies on a one-size-fits-all concept. Teeth are not one size, so using a customized tray system will better ensure that the gel (1) stays in place, (2) does not migrate to the gum tissue, and (3) doesn’t get diluted by your saliva.

If you’ve been looking for a new dentist, visit Dr. David Eshom, DDS. You will receive a free professional quality teeth whitening treatment with your first visit or consultation as a “thank you” for choosing San Diego cosmetic dentist David Eshom. Call us at (858) 455-9151 to set up your appointment.

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