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teeth-whiteningWhen you’re out with a group of friends for a night of fun, do you spend the evening covering your mouth each time you laugh? When a picture is taken, do you internally cringe and avoid showing your teeth? Although this may seem like odd behavior, believe it or not, it is quite common.

If you notice slightly yellowed or stained teeth smiling back at you in the mirror, teeth whitening may be an excellent solution for you. At David Eshom Dental Health and Beauty, we provide an array of cosmetic dentistry solutions for patients insecure with the way their smile looks. To erase mild to moderate extrinsic dental staining, professional teeth whitening works wonders!

We are so passionate about helping our patients feel confident with their smiles that we provide free teeth whitening for all our new patients coming in for a dental cleaning and exam.

Are You a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Extrinsic dental staining is most often caused by the foods you consume and the habits you keep. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking dark-colored beverages, such as black tea, coffee, cola, and red wine can all cause mild to moderate dental staining.

You may be an ideal candidate for teeth whitening if you:

  • Have dental staining to the top layer of the tooth (extrinsic staining)
  • Have healthy teeth and gums (no signs of tooth decay and gum disease)
  • Have realistic cosmetic goals and expectations
  • Do not have dental crowns, bridges, veneers, or another type of dental restoration
  • Do not have overly sensitive teeth

For more severe intrinsic dental staining caused by tooth trauma, fluoride over-use, or tetracycline antibiotics, you may benefit from another cosmetic procedure, such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding.

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Types of Teeth Whitening We Offer

  • At-Home Teeth Whitening: If you have mild dental staining, such as yellowed teeth, and are looking for a convenient teeth whitening treatment, and at-home care may be your best option. During your initial consultation, Eshom will take impressions of your mouth for your customized teeth whitening trays to be made. At your follow-up appointment, the dentist will check to make sure the trays fit properly and send you home with the trays and professional strength teeth whitening. This gel is a safer and stronger option to the teeth whitening gel found at your local drugstore. If you wear your trays consistently, you will notice a whiter smile in about one to two weeks. Any time you need to re-whiten or freshen up your smile, you can use the trays at your convenience in the comfort of your own home.
  • In-Office Power Teeth Whitening: If you are looking for a faster approach with longer-lasting results, we provide in-office power teeth whitening for stubborn dental stains. During your exam, Dr. Eshom will thoroughly clean your teeth, perform x-rays to make sure your teeth are in good shape, and then apply the professional teeth whitening gel. He will then use a high-intensity laser to activate the gel. You can typically see that teeth whiening works about an hour, and results can last from three to five years.
  • Deep Laser Teeth Bleaching: If you have more moderate dental staining, Dr. Eshom can combine both in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments for a dramatically whiter smile with permanent results. After your initial exam, Dr. Eshom will administer the in-office laser treatment and send you home with your customized whitening trays and detailed instructions to help you achieve the desired results.

general contact barBenefits of Teeth Whitening and How to Maintain Your Results

After your teeth whitening treatment, you will immediately notice a whiter, brighter-looking smile, an increase in self-confidence, and overall better quality of life. Before you know it, you will be the one inviting everyone out for a night of fun.

To maintain your results, it’s important that you practice healthy oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily, and visiting Dr. Eshom for regular oral exams.

Teeth Whitening Works!

If you are interested in achieving a brighter smile, call our San Diego, CA dental office today and learn how teeth whitening works for all kinds of dental stains. Schedule your teeth whitening consultation with the team at David Eshom Dental Health and Beauty.