Laser Gum Contouring Gets Big Smiles

A smile always opens doors, whether you’re walking into a job interview in downtown San Diego or meeting your child’s new teacher. One study even showed nearly half of people remember others by their smiles. Consequently, you may want to make improvements on the way your mouth looks when you flash those pearly whites. If that’s the case,find out why so many dental patients of Dr. David Eshom set up consultations by calling (858) 455-9151 to discuss the advantages of laser gum contouring.

Gum contouring meets lasers.

Gum contouring isn’t a new procedure. Originally, dentists used metal scalpels to cut and shape the gums. Afterwards, they applied sutures to the trimmed tissue. Some dentists still use this type of gum contouring. However, Dr. Esholm prefers to perform laser gum contouring with a Biolase Waterlase iPlus to instantly cut and seal gum tissues.

By using an advanced, laser-based protocol, he can precisely remove small amounts of soft tissue more quickly than if he used a scalpel and sutures. Patients experience less trauma, discomfort, and bleeding with laser gum contouring. Even people with sensitive teeth need little to no numbing agents when lasers are used instead of metal cutting instruments.

Lasers have changed gum contouring for the better.

Is laser gum contouring a safe, effective way to cosmetically enhance your smile by removing excess gum tissue? You bet. This process leaves the gums looking even and natural, and can boost a patient’s self-esteem by removing worries about having a “gummy smile.”

For example, the farther up the tooth the gums grow, the shorter the teeth seem to be. Shorter teeth are generally associated with children. Therefore, adults desiring more sophisticated-appearing teeth may undergo laser gum contouring to show the world a more mature smile.

Can removing a tiny amount of gum make that much difference? Let your eyes be your guide. When you see before and after pictures of Dr. Eshom’s cosmetic patients, you’ll understand how dramatic the change can be. Many adults are pleasantly surprised by how much improvement can come from a very simple, comfortable, in-house treatment.

Another reason for removing excess gum tissue is to give bacteria less room to grow. Although having oral bacteria is normal, too much of the “bad” kind can lead to gum disease. By taking away extra gum tissue with laser gum contouring, Dr. Eshom makes at-home oral health and hygiene easier for patients.

Are you a candidate for laser gum contouring?

If laser gum contouring sounds appealing, why not consider your candidacy for this practical, proven way to rev up your smile? In general, laser gum contouring works well on patients with a variety of issues, including:

  • Teeth that look too short.
  • Gummy smiles.
  • Gums that are unevenly distributed around the teeth..
  • Gums that have excessively grown over teeth and may set the stage for decay or gum disease.

Please note that Dr. Eshom may suggest laser gum contouring if you’re undergoing another cosmetic procedure. This could include anything from have a tooth crown prepared to being fitted for porcelain veneers. The laser gum contouring merely adds that final, perfect touch.

Improve your future first impressions with help from dental lasers!

It’s amazing when you consider how lasers can turn your smile from good to great. In one visit, you could completely transform your teeth and gums–and leave the office feeling more confident and attractive.

Ready to rejuvenate your smile in a single appointment? Schedule a visit to meet with Dr. Eshom by calling our office in San Diego today at (858) 455-9151. Be sure to talk about your goals when you schedule your examination so we can continue to serve every patient’s unique needs.

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