The Complete Laser For Every Dentist

biolase_adDr. Eshom’s Clinical Challenge

Dr. Eshom noticed that many patients requiring bony crown lengthening were getting lost in what Dr. Eshom calls “the periodontal penalty box.” Because osseous crown lengthening procedures required a visit to the periodontist and 6-8 weeks of healing time, there was a risk that the patient would never complete their treatment plan.

His Innovative Solution

Using the Waterlase all-tissue dental laser to perform a procedure known as “closed flap crown lengthening,” Dr. Eshom was able to recontour the gums and complete the crown lengthening without laying a flap. 

The Patient’s Resource

“The procedure was painless, easy and quick. I am extremely pleased with the result. It really made a difference and I am more confident in my smile.” Linda Lang, San Diego, California