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A beautiful smile is priceless. Fortunately, affordable dental care can give you the smile you dream of. If you struggle with minor to moderate cosmetic blemishes on your teeth, porcelain veneers can be a great solution.

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Dr. Eshom will attach these custom-crafted shells to the front of your teeth, concealing flaws and creating a new façade for your grin. You could receive one veneer, or you might have them placed across all your front teeth. If you are considering this treatment, you are probably wondering about the cost. Dr. Eshom offers completely personalized care, so there is no single price for veneers. Before beginning your treatment, he will provide an accurate estimate, so you can decide if this procedure is right for you. When you are considering your budget, it is important to remember that veneers are a lasting investment, and you should not skimp on the quality care that you deserve.

Are Veneers Right for You?

Veneers will cover the front of your teeth, blending seamlessly with their natural shape and color. Dr. Eshom can use these restorations to correct any of the following concerns:

  • Severe stains
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Worn or proportionately small teeth
  • Small gaps in your smile
  • Discolored dental fillings
  • Unusually shaped or crooked teeth

What Happens When You Receive Veneers?

To place veneers, Dr. Eshom will trim away a fine layer of enamel, creating room for the porcelain. Then he will take impressions of your teeth so our lab can create completely personalized restorations. The advanced porcelain will match the shade of your smile. It will also be very durable, and it will offer a lifelike sparkle. When the veneers are finished, Dr. Eshom will attach them to your teeth. Firmly fixed with composite-resin, the veneers will immediately transform your smile. When you care for your teeth properly, they could last a decade or more.

Calculating the Cost of Your Veneers

The full cost of your veneers will depend on several factors. When estimating the cost, Dr. Eshom will consider:

  • The number of veneers: Veneers are priced separately, so the number you receive will directly impact the cost of your treatment.
  • Material: There are many kinds of dental porcelain. Advanced types, such as e.max®, are made of several layers of pressed porcelain. This process gives the material an incredibly lifelike sparkle. The various types of porcelain have different costs.
  • Sedation: Veneers prep involves minimal discomfort. Nevertheless, if you are feeling nervous about your care, we can provide dental sedation. This service is not included in the upfront cost of veneers.
  • Additional treatments: Many times, Dr. Eshom can combine porcelain veneers with other treatments, such as gum contouring. Again, these separate services will involve additional costs.

Why Veneers Are a Great Investment in Your Smile

Veneers do have a higher cost than some other cosmetic treatments. However, they can achieve many different effects at once. In the long run, veneers could save you money, since you can often make over your smile with a single treatment. Plus, veneers are some of the most lifelike cosmetic restorations available today.

The Importance of Quality Care

When you are considering veneers, it is important to seek treatment from a qualified cosmetic dentist. While it may be tempting to seek the lowest-priced treatment, this can be a serious mistake. Often, inexperienced dentists use low prices to lure in new patients. Unfortunately, these individuals often walk out with artificial-looking veneers. In other cases, patients choose cheaper materials to save money. As a result, they are unhappy with their appearance, or the veneers break, requiring costly repair.

Remember that veneers are an investment. As with any financial venture, your returns will depend on the money you put down. At the same time, Dr. Eshom strives to provide affordable care, while still using the most effective techniques and materials. He also offers Capital One® Health Care Finance. This company requires no down payment and easy monthly installments. Their services makes it easier and more affordable than ever to enjoy the stunning smile you desire.

Obtain a Treatment Estimate

The cost of porcelain veneers varies from patient to patient. Nevertheless, you can receive a general idea of your costs by filling out our free online estimate form or call (858) 455-9151 in San Diego to schedule your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Eshom.

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