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Dr. David Eshom takes extra time and care to provide custom tooth matching for patients receiving porcelain veneers so that our patients are 100% satisfied with their new smile.

  • Dr. Eshom works with the best lab technician in San Diego
  • His technician physically comes to appointments
  • We match the nuances of your natural teeth
  • His technician bakes the changes in a porcelain oven directly in our office

No need for the inconvenience of our patients to return for corrections because we have the best lab and technician right in our office.

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Our Dental Technician,\ custom matches the nuances of your natural teeth so that you can relax and rest assured that your porcelain restorations will blend beautifully and effortlessly into your smile.





We provide our patients custom tooth matching to eliminate the inconvenience of multiple trips to our office for color corrections.

Few office provide this custom porcelain veneer shading service. Matching a single upper front tooth is the hardest thing in dentistry. Dr. Eshom is a credentialed cosmetic dentist with a artistic passion for beautiful natural looking teeth. This drives his energy to make a single tooth match the color, shape and intricacies of a patients own natural teeth. Look at Dr. Eshom’s cases in his before and after cases.

Dr. Eshom offer free consultations to patients interested in matching single teeth with porcelain veneers or crowns. He can show you actual cases to his work. He will be able to see you exact shape and color of your teeth. Take pictures of you and show you right on the computer monitor what you can look like with your new smile. You will be impressed.

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