Replace Missing Teeth for a Gorgeous Smile

missing teeth replaced with dental implantsAn effective way to boost your confidence and improve the quality of your smile is to replace missing teeth. But, which replacement option best meets your needs? San Diego, CA dentist Dr. David Eshom recommends dental implants for a strong, reliable base for prosthetic teeth. Dentures, bridges, or crowns are attached to implants to create longer lasting results, as well as a more dependable base. Dr. Eshom uses his years of experience to determine which tooth replacement option will leave you with the most desirable results.

What Is a Dental Implant?

Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants actually replace the whole tooth, root and crown. This creates the most natural feeling and stable way to replace teeth. Dr. Eshom will surgically place a titanium screw into your jawbone during your dental implant procedure. The implant will integrate the surrounding structures, such as your bone and gums, to provide you with a reliable attachment site for your bridge, crown, or denture. This procedure is the only way to replace a missing tooth root. All other restorative treatments fail to effectively engage your jawbone; therefore by placing an implant, your bone will maintain proper function and appearance. Without a dental implant, you can experience facial collapse or shifting of surrounding teeth, which causes the need for further dental work. In order to maintain a healthy mouth, your bone needs to be stimulated to preserve its integrity. This is what makes dental implants the best option for replacing missing teeth.

Before having an implant imbedded into your jawbone, you must have a healthy mouth. Years of good oral hygiene can prepare you for this procedure. A good candidate should have a somewhat strong bone, in order to properly support the device. A dental implant takes roughly 4-6 months to fully heal. During the healing process, the screw will integrate with your mouth, which will replace your tooth root in the end. A tooth root is important to maintain the function and appearance of your mouth.

Crowns and Bridges

After your dental implant has properly healed, Dr. Eshom can attach a custom-made crown or bridge to the fully integrated screw. A dental crown can be composed of metal, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal, depending on the placement of the missing tooth. For patients who are missing a single tooth, Dr. Eshom will place a crown; however, for those who are missing multiple teeth in a row, we recommend a dental bridge.

A dental bridge is a personalized restorative device created to fill the gap left from missing teeth. When attached to implants, the bridge provides a stronger, more sturdy replacement. Dr. Eshom will place two implants on either side of the gap. After sufficient healing time, he will affix each side of the bridge to the implants. Patients who receive this procedure can expect to regain full function of their mouth, as well as enhance the appearance of their smile by correcting the once unattractive gap.


Many people believe that dentures are destined to fall out, slip, or cause gum irritation. This can stop you from replacing missing teeth. Dr. Eshom recommends implant-supported dentures as a solution for patients who are doubtful about traditional dentures. Just as crowns and bridges are attached to dental implants, dentures can be too. Dr. Eshom has found that patients roughly need two implants, in order to properly support their dentures. The benefits of implant dentures are limitless. There’s no worry about slipping or irritation because your prosthetic teeth are securely attached. The biggest concern with traditional dentures is that they’ll fall out during mealtime or when you speak, however because your new teeth will be fastened to the implants, they won’t fall out.

Don’t go another day with an unattractive smile. Contact Dr. Eshom in our San Diego, CA office at (858) 455-9151 to schedule your appointment today. Begin your tooth replacement journey by asking him which restorative option is best for you.

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