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High-Tech Instruments: Cosmetic imaging, Laser Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry and Digital x-rays

techTo bring you the best in dental health and beauty, we have incorporated modern, minimally invasive, high-tech solutions. In turn, patients often have treatment without anesthetic or surgery, and with less radiation. These instruments also help us provide better diagnostics, improved outcomes, and smoother communication with patients.

We believe our high-tech office helps us provide dentistry at the highest level of performance with unequaled comfort.


Laser Dentistry

waterlaseNo Shot, No Drill, No numbness dentistry

With our new lasers, we can perform many procedures without the dentist’s drill. With our high-tech, state-of-the-art Diagnodent laser, we can find tooth decay earlier than ever before. In fact, research suggests that this painless laser device detects early tooth decay that a traditional examination misses as much as 76 percent of the time. Early laser detection means easier and less costly treatment.

With our Waterlase laser technique, we can remove the cavity, particularly if it is discovered early, without the need for drilling. For small to medium sized cavities, this technique is very effective. Even better, the technique does not require an injection with a needle. We can wipe away cavities with laser precision. All you hear is a tapping sound while the laser works. Once the cavity is removed, we place a virtually invisible filling to restore your tooth’s original natural strength and beauty. It is often difficult even for dentists to see what was done!

Plasma Arc Curing

This intense fiber optic light sets tooth-colored fillings and bonded restorations in 10 seconds instead of 40 seconds. Your mouth is open less time so that your jaw muscles are more relaxed.

Intraoral Camera

This mini video camera allows patients to see their mouths as we see them—up close and in all living color. Cavities, cracks, and plaque
are on screen for you to see.

Digital X-rays

We have reduced the amount of radiation received by patients undergoing routine X-rays by 70 percent. Computerized digital radiography is virtually instant; no developing is required. Instead, the image appears on the monitor within 5 to 10 seconds. Images are stored on the file server and retrievable at any time.

Magnifying Glasses

Called “loupes,” these high-tech glasses allow Dr. Eshom to achieve a degree of perfection impossible to the unaided eye. They are the same ones used by heart surgeons.

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