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    • SEPTEMBER 26, 2018
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    Why Choose Invisalign for Clear Aligner Treatments?

    Why Choose Invisalign for Clear Aligner Treatments?

    It’s a common situation: a patient will wear corrective orthodontics as a child, and then wear his or her retainer for a number of years. At some point in adulthood however, they stop wearing the retainer because it seems like the teeth have stayed in their proper position permanently. But then, by age 30 or

    • JULY 21, 2016
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    Why You’re Going to Love Clear, Removable Braces

    Do you suffer from a misaligned smile? Are your teeth crowded or crooked? Do you wish you could fix the problem without spending two years or more wearing unsightly metal brackets and wires on your teeth? Dr. David Eshom can offer you clear, removable braces that will fix your smile quickly and comfortably, with fewer

    • DECEMBER 15, 2015
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    Straighten Teeth Fast with Invisalign!

    The year is coming to an end, and once again there are no pictures to be found of you enjoying yourself around family and friends. Your crooked teeth are a real hindrance, and your imperfect smile keeps you hiding in the background of photos, when you should be out in front, celebrating. Will next year