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    • JANUARY 30, 2024
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    Do You Need Crowns or Veneers?

    When front teeth break or permanently discolor, you’ll probably feel less confident in your image. You’ll smile less, which will negatively affect the impression you make on others. If you don’t want to endure damaged, unattractive front teeth, you’ll need either porcelain crowns or veneers. Both restorations mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel and

    • JULY 31, 2017
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    How We Repair Damaged, Worn Teeth

    Do you find yourself concealing your smile in pictures? Maybe you refrain from enjoying your favorite foods because eating causes discomfort. San Diego, CA dentist Dr. David Eshom repairs weak, fractured, or otherwise damaged teeth with dental bonding or all porcelain crowns. These procedures correct minor smile imperfections and return your teeth to their proper

    • FEBRUARY 12, 2016
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    Cosmetic Dentistry: A Comparison of Procedures

    You’ve probably read about porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and …and you’re pretty sure that cosmetic dentistry would give you a more attractive smile. But what do the various procedures really achieve, and how do they compare in price and longevity? As your San Diego cosmetic dentist, Dr. Eshom wants you to fully understand three of