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    • MAY 21, 2018
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    BioClear Vs. Veneers: A Comparison

    So, you’ve made the decision to get a smile makeover and you’re ready to go big. You want a comprehensive improvement to the way all your teeth look when you smile. You are looking forward to finally having your best smile come through—but you’re stuck on one decision: “do I want to get veneers, or

    • APRIL 8, 2018
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    Find Your Perfect Smile Again

    Do you feel like your smile doesn’t look as nice as it used to? If you had braces as a child, you probably remember that wonderful feeling when the braces came off and your smile looked absolutely perfect. You could smile with confidence and it felt great. Your severe overbite or crooked teeth were no

    • MARCH 9, 2018
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    How to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist

    You’ve had that chip on your right canine for about five years now, and you’ve had enough! Maybe you’ll go with a single porcelain veneer, or maybe dental bonding can correct the problem. You’ve waited too long and you’re are ready to improve your smile! But how can you be sure you’re getting the most

    • SEPTEMBER 27, 2017
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    Why Smiles Matter

    Why Smiles Matter

    It may start as surprise one day as you check your teeth for spinach after lunch. What is that spot on my tooth? I guess I need to brush extra hard tonight….wait! Is that a chip? When did that happen? Soon you have a blind spot when you check yourself in the mirror: Hair looks