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    • DECEMBER 30, 2016
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    Patient Benefits of Waterlase and Other Dental Lasers

    Dr. David Eshom and his team want you to have the best dental treatments available, so we employ the most technologically advanced tools in modern dentistry to achieve this goal. If you get jittery at the sound of a dental drill, we have good news for you! The Waterlase dental laser has revolutionized the process

    • OCTOBER 1, 2015
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    Stop Feeling Scared At the Dentist, with Sedation Dentistry

    Now You Can Relax, for Real, at Dental Visits Approximately half of Americans do not go to the dentist each year, for various reasons. According to Colgate.com, 30 to 40 million Americans do not go to a dentist because of dental phobia – they’re fearful, scared of dental procedures or dentists. Because many people don’t