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    • MARCH 21, 2018
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    Should I Get a Second Opinion on Dental Work?

    Should I Get a Second Opinion on Dental Work?

    Are you being asked to shell out big bucks on a treatment you’re not convinced you need? It might be time to seek out a second opinion! In both restorative and cosmetic dentistry, second opinions are a valuable tool that patients can use to make sure they are comfortable with recommended treatments. A good rule

    • OCTOBER 18, 2017
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    Should You Seek a Second Opinion?

    After several weeks of putting off your biannual dental visit, you finally schedule an appointment with your local dentist. While there, he takes x-rays and performs a complete examination. Before the visit is over, he begins listing numerous costly dental treatments that you need. He advises that if the treatments aren’t performed soon, your teeth

    • DECEMBER 22, 2015
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    Getting a Second Opinion for Dental Work Is Wise

    If a doctor recommended major surgery to someone without any symptoms, most people would seek a second opinion. However, many patients accept their dentists’ diagnoses without question. In some cases, this can be a serious – and costly – mistake. An inexperienced or dishonest dentist may recommend unnecessary treatment. In other cases, patients may continue

    • AUGUST 24, 2015
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    A Second Opinion Could Save You Time and Money

    Before undergoing any dental treatment, you should feel sure that the procedure is in your best interests. If another dentist recently recommended invasive or expensive treatment, you may want a second opinion. David S. Eshom, DDS, can evaluate your teeth to determine whether such treatment is really right for you. During a reasonably priced, half-hour