Teeth Whitening vs. Bonding – Which Is Better?

A bright, sparkling smile can enliven your whole face. If you struggle with dental stains, David S. Eshom, DDS, offers several treatments to achieve a sparkling smile. Teeth whitening and dental bonding are two of the most common options.

Both of these treatments can take years off of your smile and boost your self-esteem. Dr. Eshom offers variations on both procedures, allowing him to personalize your care. He will evaluate your needs and goals before recommending the right treatment for you. In addition, he will explain each procedure in depth so that you can participate in planning for your dream smile. Contact our San Diego office today to find out which treatment is most appropriate for you.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening will address the discoloration caused by food, drink, smoking, and age. In addition, new methods of whitening can even eliminate internal tetracycline stains. You can select from three different kinds of whitening, depending on your goals and degree of discoloration. Options include:

  • At-Home Teeth Whitening: If you have mild to moderate dental stains, at-home whitening may be the most effective and affordable solution. Dr. Eshom will make a set of custom whitening trays, which you will fill with gel and wear every day for about two weeks. At-home whitening can lighten your smile by up to eight shades.
  • In-Office Teeth Whitening: We offer both in-office Zoom! and Bright Smile. If you want immediate results, one of these treatments may be right for you. Dr. Eshom will cover your teeth in a whitening gel. Then he will use a laser to activate the material. With proper care, results can last 3 to 5 years.
  • Deep Laser Teeth Bleaching: Deep Bleaching can be a good option if you have dark internal stains, or if other forms of teeth whitening have not been effective. Deep bleaching combines in-office and take-home treatments for dramatic results.

What Is Dental Bonding?

During the bonding process, Dr. Eshom will coat your teeth in a composite resin selected to match the shade of your smile. After choosing the right color, he will lightly etch the front of your teeth. The invisible grooves in your enamel will create more surface area for the bonding agent. Dr. Eshom will treat your teeth with this agent, and then he will coat your teeth in the composite. With his eye for aesthetics, he will work carefully during this process, sculpting the material so that it blends naturally with your nearby teeth. As he molds the composite, he will cover up stains. He can also reshape your teeth and correct other problems at the same time. Finally, he will harden the material with a special light.

Candidates for Whitening

Whitening may be right for you if you have dental stains, but you are happy with the rest of your smile. This treatment offers less comprehensive results than bonding, but it can still radically improve your grin. If you choose whitening, you will need to perform routine touch-ups to maintain the new color of your teeth. Additionally, to enjoy long-lasting results, you should avoid smoking, along with dark-colored foods and drinks.

Candidates for Bonding

Bonding may be the most appropriate option if you want to address other dental issues, along with discoloration. With bonding, Dr. Eshom can fill in chips, cracks, and gaps between your teeth. He can also reshape naturally small or worn teeth. He can even perform bonding to conceal minor orthodontic issues, although it is not a good option for major misalignment.

Your overall oral health may also make bonding the most suitable option. Dr. Eshom works very carefully to minimize discomfort during teeth whitening. Most patients experience little to no irritation. However, if you suffer from severe sensitivity, bonding may be better for you. Finally, if you have existing porcelain crowns, your whitened teeth may not match your restorations. With bonding, on the other hand, Dr. Eshom can choose a shade of composite that corresponds with previous dental work.

Find Out Which Treatment Is Right for You

With so many cosmetic options available, you are sure to enjoy a beautiful, sparkling smile. During a thorough consultation, Dr. Eshom will explain both treatments in detail. Then he will help you choose the right one for your grin. Contact us today to learn more about whitening and bonding.

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