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Bright Smile/ Zoom/ In-Office Power Teeth Whitening

Sit back in our dental chair and let the laser do all the work. In-office laser teeth whitening is a safe way to get the bright white smile you have been wanting without the wait. Laser teeth whitening starts at the dental office where San Diego Cosmetic Dentist Dr. David S. Eshom will professionally apply a solution of bleaching gel to your teeth.

The teeth whitening gel is then activated by a high-intensity laser which helps accelerate the teeth whitening process and approximately one-hour later, you are on your way out of our dental office with a brighter whiter smile.

In-office laser teeth whitening is recommended to all our patients wanting that brighter, whiter smile. Whether you will be going to a very important interview or business meeting, getting married, attending a social function, or just want your smile to shine, in-office laser teeth whitening is effective, fast and affordable.

Our new patient teeth whitening applies to this method of whitening also. Become a new patient in our office by having an exam and x-rays and we will take $250 dollars off the usual in-office teeth whitening fee.

STEP 1: examination

During this one-appointment treatment, we use a teeth whitening gel or rubber shield to protect your gums before applying the bleaching agent. Then, a special light may be used to accelerate the bleaching process. Before in-office teeth whitening bleaching, San Diego Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Eshom recommends a thorough exam with a high-powered camera to determine if any microcracks are present in the teeth, as cracks can sometimes absorb more of the bleach and create a “streaky” appearance.

STEP 2: timing

In-office teeth whitening bleaching delivers dramatic results in about an hour and a half, and your brighter smile may last for about a 3- 5 years, as long as you steer clear of dark-colored foods and liquids like soy sauce, berries, coffee, cola and the like.

Professional Pointer
San Diego Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Dave Eshom, offers this advice for those looking to keep their smile white: “If you’re not sure what foods and drinks to avoid in order to prevent stains, use this rule of thumb: If it can stain a white shirt, it can stain your teeth.”

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