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Tooth loss can have devastating psychological and physical effects on patients. Whether a tooth is lost from gum disease or trauma, the result is always the same – damaged oral health and a dramatic change in appearance. The emotional impact is harder to see, but patients may experience feelings of sadness, depression, and hopelessness. The physical impact of tooth loss leads to severe dental problems like jaw bone deterioration, tooth migration, a misaligned bite, and additional tooth loss.

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Physical Devastation Caused by Tooth Loss

The physical effects of tooth loss are significant, and one problem can create a domino effect for a host of other issues to occur. For example:

  • Inability to chew properly places the patient at risk for malnutrition. Healthy foods like crunchy vegetables must now be avoided to reduce pain and discomfort. Lack of chewing prevents the teeth ligaments the stimulation they need to send nutrients to the jaw bone. Without nutrients, the jaw bone weakens and absorbs into the body.
  • Speech patterns change, causing the patient to struggle with sentences, or specific words and phrases.
  • As the structure of the jaw bone and gum tissue change, the tongue enlarges to accommodate the extra space left in the mouth.
  • Facial features change due to the loss of shape and density of the lower jaw bone, thus aging the patient.
  • For denture wearers, sore spots and lesions may appear as the structure of the bone and soft tissue changes. As a result, dentures may feel loose and rub against already sore gum and jaw bones.

Psychological Devastation Caused by Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is traumatizing to many patients. Dentures resolve the immediate issue; however, anxiety levels may increase as patients worry about the prosthesis falling out during romantic situations, a meal, or conversation.

As the patient’s speech changes, it can be embarrassing to communicate with others in social or work-related settings. Studies show that one missing tooth can cause depression, low self-esteem, self-consciousness, and loss of a healthy social life. Overall, patients are less likely to engage in friendships, activities, or work events. They may also feel that the missing tooth will hinder career advancements and future relationships.

The Goal of Modern Dentistry

In traditional dentistry, missing teeth are replaced with a dental bridge, which may last only eight to ten years. A dental bridge is a fixed structure used to replace one or more missing teeth by joining an artificial tooth to adjacent teeth or implants. Healthy teeth supporting the bridge must be filed down and reduced in size to accommodate the dental bridge. The weight and pressure from dental bridges can endanger the healthy supporting teeth and put them at risk for root fractures.

The objective of modern dentistry is to restore the mouth to its normal function regardless of the disease or injury the patient has endured. Dental implants are an effective and permanent alternative to traditional dentures, and can restore full function, aesthetics, and oral health.

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