Need Help for a Throbbing Toothache?

Are you suffering from a toothache that’s throbbing? Does it get worse when you eat or drink something hot, cold, and/or sugary? Do you avoid chewing on one side of your mouth, because of pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are more than likely experiencing a toothache associated with a cavity or dental infection of some sort.

relief for toothache painAt David Eshom Dental Health and Beauty, we understand that throbbing or aching teeth can be extremely uncomfortable and affect your overall quality of life. When you schedule your appointment with us, our team of highly trained professionals will make your experience simple and comfortable.

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Toothache Symptoms

Toothache symptoms vary from patient to patient. While you may experience a constant dull, throbbing ache, others may experience sharp, shooting pain that comes in waves. Dental pain may be localized to one area in particular, or throughout your face, jaw, neck, and/or ears, growing worse when you eat or drink. If you notice painful gums, swelling, a bad taste in your mouth, fever, or headache, please contact our office right away. There’s no need to stay in pain when we can help alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing, quite possibly in just one visit.

Causes of Your Toothache

In many cases, toothaches are caused by cavities that extend to the dentin, the layer of tissue beneath tooth enamel. They may also stem from infection and inflammation in the soft pulp (the center part of your tooth). Two of the most common causes of toothaches are cavities (tooth decay) or dental infections in the root, but your pain can also be caused by:

  • Gum inflammation and infection
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Restorations that have been damaged
  • TMJ disorder (sometimes caused by grinding teeth)
  • Poor oral hygiene

For more severe cases, a toothache could be indicative of other physical, issues such as an ear infection, sinus infection, or even an impending heart attack.

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How to Treat Your Toothache

The first step in treating your toothache is scheduling your dental exam with us as soon as possible. If we are unable to get you in right away, you can also try:

  • Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water
  • Taking over the counter pain medication like ibuprofen
  • Gently flossing your teeth
  • Applying a cold compress to the outside of the cheek, over the painful area, to reduce pain and swelling

During your dental exam, Dr. Eshom and our staff will first make you as comfortable as possible by administering anesthesia or sedation. Once you are comfortable, the doctor will investigate the underlying cause of your toothache, before administering any treatment.

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  • If you are experiencing a cavity, we will provide you with a tooth-colored filling or crown.
  • If you have a cracked or broken tooth, we will provide you with a crown to match the natural look of your smile, strengthen the tooth, restore it to its full dental function.
  • If you have dental infection that has affected your roots, in order to try and save your tooth we will administer root canal therapy or refer you to an endodontist.
  • If you have periodontitis (gum disease), we will administer a deep cleaning to treat the inflamed gums.

Finally, practicing good oral hygiene at home and attending your dental checkups every six months are keys to long-lasting oral health.

Schedule Your Appointment

It’s very important that you don’t ignore your toothache for any longer than one to two days, especially if you have any of the additional symptoms listed above. Seeking treatment right away could keep you from further pain and other serious related issues.

To book your dental exam and get yourself checked, call our San Diego, CA, dental office today at (858) 455-9151 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Eshom.

relief for toothache pain

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