Why Smiles Matter

It may start as surprise one day as you check your teeth for spinach after lunch. What is that spot on my tooth? I guess I need to brush extra hard tonight….wait! Is that a chip? When did that happen?

Soon you have a blind spot when you check yourself in the mirror: Hair looks fine. Check. No food on my face. Check. I’m not going to look at my teeth, though, I just won’t smile.

Before long, you are avoiding socializing in all but dimly lit your closest friends and family, since you know they won’t judge you for a stained or chipped tooth, but it’s always in the back of your mind.

You may think a small case of tooth shame is not that big of a problem, but it can eat away at your confidence and limit the full range of expression that makes you you.

No One Should Have to Hide Their Smile

In the animal kingdom, showing your teeth is the ultimate sign of aggression. For humans, it has the opposite effect. A smile is the most important non-verbal communicator we possess. It tells others you wish to be seen as a friend and you are open to reciprocal communication. Therefore, a false or inhibited smile communicates unavailability, whether you feel that way or not.

If your smile is a sore spot for you, it is already altering how you interact with everyone from the cashier at the grocery store to your colleagues, clients, or boss. When you don’t feel free to share spontaneous smiles, you are hurting your chances at maintaining positive relationships with the people around you.

Think about the people in life who matter to you: your infant child or teenager, your closest friend at work, your spouse, your mother. A genuine smile from one of those people has the power to make you feel warm and loved. It forms a connection that transcends words. Think about how clearly you can spot a false smile from one of those people. Is that something you want others to see in you? Of course not.

Cosmetic Dentistry – An Easy Shortcut to a Glowing Smile

If you want to glow again, there are many affordable ways to improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry. For patients with healthy teeth, Dr. David Eshom can provide conservative solutions to correct aesthetic flaws, whether it’s just one tooth, or a whole arch.

The best part is that many of these treatments can be completed in a single sitting. For example, if you’ve struggled with teeth whitening treatments that don’t work very well, we offer two different forms of in-office teeth whitening that will deliver dramatic results in a single visit.

A chipped tooth can also be corrected easily in one sitting, with dental bonding and contouring. Dr. Eshom can sculpt and bond a new surface to cover the damaged tooth in a matter of minutes. By this time tomorrow, or next week, your tooth shame could be behind you. Wouldn’t that feel nice!

More comprehensive treatments, such as porcelain veneers, may take up to two weeks, but that’s still probably a lot less time than you have already been hiding your smile.

Easy Financing for Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

If you’ve wanted to correct your tooth problems for a while now, but don’t have a ton of cash sitting around to devote to it, ask about our Capital One Healthcare financing when you make your appointment. This plan lets you spread out your payments over a period of months, to make financing your new smile more convenient.

Call us for a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

Take the plunge; you are ready! Your smile is worth it. Call us today to schedule a consultation with San Diego cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Eshom. During your visit, Dr. Eshom will examine your teeth and suggest the treatments that best meet your goals for your smile. He will never push unwanted treatments or encourage you to have more work done than you want. In very little time, you’ll be amazed by how easy it was to restore your smile and feel like yourself again!

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