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Cosmetic Dentistry – A Time for a Change

smilenewsWith summer rapidly advancing it may be time to put a fresh face and new smile on life. Today’s expectations are higher than ever before and improving your appearance through cosmetic enhancements has never been easier. This summer get the most out of the new you with dramatic results from a smile makeover. Cosmetic dentistry can change the way you feel and improve your self-confidence, leaving you looking and feeling younger. Small steps in cosmetic dentistry can be taken to make quite visible changes to your smile, your dental health, and consequently your well-being. In this article, San Diego cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dave Eshom would like to explain and review the many issues and changes available to you for cosmetic dental change. Each topic has been covered more fully in other parts of our cosmetic dentistry website: www.EshomDDS.com

Cosmetic Dentistry: Is what you see, what you get?

Here’s a little about a lot. Cosmetic is derived from Greek meaning, the art of dress and ornament, or to order, arrange, to adorn. Cosmetic dentistry in particular is often interpreted as external or superficial; pertaining only to the surface or appearance of your teeth or smile. But for Dr. Eshom, cosmetic dentistry means much more. In order to accomplish perfect change on the surface of your teeth or smile, then this can sometimes require a lot of change beneath the surface, and it takes a qualified, experienced dentist to know the right dentistry treatment so you see what you want for your smile.

What is a cosmetic dentist-What is cosmetic dentistry?

All dentists during their early years in dental school are educated and trained minimally to do cosmetic dentistry treatment procedures. But today Cosmetic Dentistry has become a specialty within dentistry where cosmetic dentists must undergo extensive training and education to keep up with the current aesthetic standards. Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dave Eshom is specially trained with years of continuing education in cosmetic dentistry and has been awarded the rare cosmetic dentistry credential, Accreditation from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. We are living in an exciting era in dentistry an era focused on cosmetic dentistry techniques and aesthetics. The demand for change in dentistry is not only high but is, for the most part, now technically achievable. Today, San Diego cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dave Eshom can provide cosmetic dentistry change to meet the public’s ever increasing expectations. Many general dentists and dental specialists and their medical counterparts have taken many continuing education courses and studied cosmetic dentistry change in detail. There are academies, associations and study clubs devoted to this particular endeavor and in dentistry, The AACD or American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the premier organization supporting quality cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Smile Consultation

Cosmetic dentistry starts with a smile consultation which is crucial to the process of cosmetic enhancement and change. There are multiple elements that make up what leads to that perfect end result, your smile. When the curtain goes up and the lips part, the show that goes on display is not just those pearly whites, think of all the actors on this particular stage: teeth in all their various aspects, shapes, colors and sizes; gum health and gum line, framing the teeth and smile; tooth alignment, spacing and bite; jaw relations upper to lower; and all within the context of the big picture – your face, including eyes, lips, skin and more. When complex cosmetic dentistry enhancement is being contemplated all these elements need to be borne in the cosmetic dentist’s mind, because changing one thing can change everything.

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